My own manifest

I am a great-granddaughter of a Brazilian native that was kidnapped from her tribal village by a Portuguese on a horse that came to colonize Brazil. 

The two facets of the blood flowing in my veins mark my life path: the wildness of my great-grandmother complemented by the groundbreaking, fearless and bloodthirsty energy of the colonizer, my great-grandfather.

I grew up and lived in a third world and in a tropical country for about 29 years. In 2011, I moved to Madrid and in 2016 to Berlin.

Immigrating reverberated in my artist statement. Many themes such as my heritage, my sense of belonging, the human weakness, the process of culture appropriation, the body decolonization, the feminism and gender issues, started to pop up into my work.

Day in and day out, I’m totally labeled and judged by the common sense. Creating “my own manifest”, as a “Brazilian-woman-artist” living in Berlin.