In the video-animation Pantone -500 + 2007, Lucas crosses an official system of color control with the system of official organization of the geopolitical limits: the maps. Each second of the 41 minutes of the video corresponds to a year, those ranging from 500 B.C. until 2007. In each passing year the animation illustrates the border constitution of each empire or country, where each of them is delimited by a specific color, producing a cross between the visuality of the color and the history of the map Worldwide over a little over 2,500 years.

The evidence that remains in view through this meeting of official speeches is precisely what is silenced through this animated color map; Everything that happens as part of the discourse of universal history to end up constituting new cartographies that – literally – become part of the past every second.

This work is accompanied by a group of performers, present in the room, who reported in microphones the facts that history has narrated and instituted as the cause of losses and gains of territory. It ends up being impossible then to listen only to one of them; The stories produce a chaotic, meaningless sound in a kind of ratification of the map, now seen through a group of voices that – in their stridency – say nothing.

CA2M, Mostóles- Madrid, Spain
Día de Intensidad, Per/Form
Cristina Lucas + guest performers