Directed by Paulo Biscaia Filho, 2010


A series of four short films inspired in horror stories by the American writer Edgar Allan Poe: “Berenice”, “Ligeia”, “Morella” and “The Crow”. Each of the short movies encompass certain features of the universe of horror and suspense created by the writer.

In “Berenice” the story starts with the narrator, a man (Andrew Knoll) who is obsessed with the origins of the universe. Berenice, the narrator’s cousin (Rafaella Marques) falls ill, struggling with epilepsy and different ‘maladies’. The narrator and Berenice become engaged. One day, while the narrator is sitting in his office, Berenice enters, and smiles. Her illness has taken a toll on her face, but her teeth remain unaffected. When the narrator sees Berenice’s teeth, he gets obsessed by them. And all he can do is think about her teeth. He is so worried with his thoughts that when the door shuts and Berenice leaves, he hardly notices. At some point, Berenice dies, and is buried. The narrator awakes from sort of ‘phantasma’.  He is unnerved by various items throughout the room “underlined words in a book, spades on the wall, and a box on the table next to him. He hears a scream. Shrieking, he grabs at the box on the table, trying to open it. His fingers cannot undo it, and it falls out of his grasp and onto the floor. The box bounces open, revealing thirty-two pearly white teeth: Berenice’s teeth.

NEVERMORE – Berenice 16’37
Directed by: Paulo Biscaia Filho
Cast: Rafaella Marques & Andrew Knoll
Direção de Produção: Vivi Folador
Make up: Marcelino de Miranda
Costume designer: Karla Fragoso
Still: Marco Novack