Guerrilla Coños is a feminist collective that was born in June of 2016. It is composed by the artists Rafuska Marks, Fabia Castro y Angela Boix. The piece “Guerrilla Coños ‘Acción I'” was created through a collaboration of women sending testimonials from all over the world. It was presented for the first time as part of the event: Fuego en el jardín.

Fuego en el jardín is a performance art event at Galeria La Isla in Madrid. In this edition, seven artists (all women) were invited to participate with five different works. The result were heterogeneous proposals, all of which underline the need to rethink the feminine in society and, in particular, in art. The pieces present the woman’s body as a self-referential sign, re-appropriated through the specific corporeality of performance.

Madrid, Spain
Performers: Rafuska Marks, Fabia Castro y Angela Boix