Morgue Story: Blood, Blowfish and Comics

A successful comic book designer, but frustrated with her relationships, encounters two other lonely characters with curious lives: the first one is a sociopathic morgue’s doctor who has a peculiar method, poisons his victims with a potion made of pufferfish. And the second one is a cataleptic life insurance salesman. The three of them wake up in the morgue. A new classic of terror, a delirium of black humor that has won audiences in more than 30 festivals in the United States and Europe.

Director and Screenwriter: Paulo Biscaia Filho
Producer: Viviane Follador
Cast: Mariana Zanette, Leandro Daniel Colombo, Anderson Faganello, Rafaella Marques, Wagner Corrêa, Carolina Fauquemont, Edson Bueno