El Monstruoso Escaparate de los Monstruos

“El Monstruoso Escaparate de los Monstruos” presented in two different spaces for performance in Madrid at Lavapies neighborhood: Storm AndDrank and in La Juan Gallery. It was a reflective long-term performance of the Brazilian identity in foreign lands. In these actions the three performers remained exposed for six hours in a showcase with a menu of actions that could be purchased by the audience. These actions brought several reflections of hybrid monsters of different habitats opened to connect and to be transform in progress. Fighting the “subnormal” and colonized bodies, the freedom of standards by building bodies free of patriarchal domination, sexual plurality and gender.

Madrid, Spain
Storm And Drank and La JUAN Gallery (3ª ACCIÓN X M2)
Performers: Rafuska Marks, Gabriel Macedo and Ricardx Nolascx