Where is your light?


Where the hope lives and inhabits

A strength that arrived to stay

It’s confusing, but it’s spontaneous and free and pure

It is the best hug you could have

And a coffee exactly the way you love and nobody but you knows


Everything in the same time

It’s a lion’s hunger

There is no fear, we are talking about courage

Really want something, you know?

WANT to hug the world to eat the world to have everything that exists

And suddenly in einen Augen Blick, PÁ BUF YEAH, got it!

Got it. Tears. Persistent.


The last piano note

A chocolate brownie or a chocolate cookie with a glass of milk before sleep

With your favorite pajamas

A maternal uterus

Light. Light. Light.

The world is right here

You're always making your best, don’t you?

It's Poetry. It’s a poem. Breath.

A green forest full of trees and birds

A river of transparent and fresh water

You can drink it. In the end, a waterfall!

Dance. Close your eyes and just dance!

Sing. When we sing we put the sadness away.

Jump. Run.

It's Happiness

An encounter, a meeting with another soul

A fire pit on the beach in a summer night

A song that breaks into the body and grows

OMG. It doesn’t stop growing

A beautiful road full of curves, up and down

And in this road we arrive in a magic and powerful place, full of stillness, calm, with a fresh wind And a warm sun

Flowers of all kinds, types and sizes

And then, don’t breath

It’s a scream in the silence

It's a loud scream

Plaudits. Lots of plaudits

A no-end brincadeira

Yes, “Brincadeira” this word that we can’t really translate, sorry

A breath of relief

Everything that was exactly in front of you and you could not see it and you don´t know why.

This is my light. How is yours?